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That means that when we conceive space, outside and inside, we place the client, the user and the viewer at the center of our thoughts and design processes. We do not work with preconceived styles and fleeting fashions but with the unique ingredients that are present at the beginning of every project, the site, the people and their wishes and needs, their dreams and of course their financial possiblities.
We are living in fast changing times, with the ongoing digital revolution the divide between what is private and what is public space has become very thin and sometimes difficult to see. The problems that arise with this development calls for innovative and creative architectectural solutions for both the private and the public domain. The market square is the new “living room” of the city and town dweller. The private domicile is the extended work space and meeting room for cross generation living.
Our Design office has worked on large city planning projects including the development of market squares and public buildings of prominence. We have executed several projects in the health sector, refurbishment of hospital buildings, doctors practices and pharamcies. Added to this we have also worked on several buildings and projects in the cultural sector, museums, memorials and exhibitions.
The creation of private homes and affordable housing for our growing cities has always been of special interest to us. In this sector we have not only built some beautiful private residences but also developed the concept of “House evolucio” or “The house of change” where the architecture allows families to evolve and grow with the architecture, the space provided expanding and contracting to answer the diverse needs of the modern family as children come and go, jobs change and where the old and the young can interact in common interest. Due to its Modular Concept it is also a “Tiny House” concept that can be built quickly, easily with a low budget and adaptable to any kind of site. For example the initial prototype built on “legs” in Dresden was adapted to deal with a site that is endangered by flooding due to the high water levels in the city.


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