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We have executed a number of projects in the health care sector. Hospital refurbishments, lighting and orientation systems for new build complexes, street pharmacies and offices for staff. Very important for the health sector is the “healing” effect that well designed spaces can have on patients. It should not be underestimated that good design can reduce the stress experienced by family members and children when they visit their loved ones in hospitals. Buildings in the health sector should provide staff, patients and visitors with bright and friendly spaces, comfortable waiting rooms with adequate daylight, well lit and easy to read navigation systems. Here the appropriate color and lighting concepts are paramount to the success of every institute in this sector and is one of the specialities that we offer the client as an interdisciplinary design studio. Health care staff benefit from good spatial and lighting design which increases the optimism and positive thinking of patient and staff alike. Generally when visitors and patients are positively influenced by the environment they meet when visiting buildings in the health care sector unnecessary conflicts and attacks of fear can be reduced resulting in a better and more effective atmosphere for staff to work in.