Market Squares / Streets

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The market square is the new “living room”

Just as the private domicile can be the extended work space and meeting room for cross generation living, so can the “Urban Living Room” the market square offer us all the quality of rich diversity, the extended family, the connectivity in real time to counter balance the Virtual worlds that are now omnipresent in everyday life. Market squares are wonderful spaces to meet and touch, to look and to learn, to exchange and to communicate. We are living in fast changing times, with the ongoing digital revolution the divide between what is private and what is public space has become very thin and sometimes difficult to see. The problems that arise with this development calls for innovative and creative architectectural solutions for both the private and the public domain. The market square is the new “living room” of the city and town dweller, the space to meet family, friends and “strangers”, the generosity and maturity of a culture is expressed in its gestures of friendship and openness to foreign influences. The market square throughout the history of humankind has always been a place of business and exchange of knowledge. This is a tradition that modern society should celebrate. The market square should therefore be an exhibition of the beauty a city or a community has to offer. It is the visiting card, the first impression, the highlight of city planning. It is important to take great care in the planning of the lighting of Market squares.