Objects / Facades

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Lighting Objects
Setting objects in the right light requires not only technical understanding regarding choosing the right lighting fixtures to do the job but more importantly it requires an understanding of the object in question. It is the job of the lighting designer to get to know the object of focus, to get under the skin of the task. This starts with understanding the Genius Loci, small or large, every object has a context in which it is positioned or in which it exists, this needs to be analysed. Questions such as, from which direction does the daylight come from, when and how strong? Does the object get any daylight? What materials are involved, what are their characteristics, color or type of surface, rough or smooth will influence the lighting design required and choice of the lighting fixtures. Does the object in question have a message or a story to tell? A city, a market square, skyscraper, a house, a wall, a sculpture or a painting all have differnt contexts, materials and all have different stories to tell. This design approach, thinking and analizing, my way through the task to find the appropriate light for the object, be it a facade, a space or a volume hand in hand with the technical know-how, empowers me to find the right light for the task.