Lighting concept Modern working environments – IT department of a medium-sized industrial company, in Berlin.

In line with our client’s high demands for an attractive working environment for the company’s employees, our lighting concept combines great functionality with attractive design. An individual lighting concept was developed for each area of the open-plan office floor, optimally supporting the individual use of the rooms, from computer workstations to meeting rooms, informal areas and individual offices.

The lighting of the entire company area is controlled depending on the amount of daylight, i.e. the luminous flux of the luminaires is sensorically coupled with the daylight and the colour temperature is also controlled depending on the time of day (Human Centric Lighting).

The visualisation of the design shows a lighting scene in darkness. Light lines indicate the course of the corridor and elegantly “floating” office luminaires mark the individual work groups. With their indirect light and the large-area illumination of the ceiling, the room is visually widened and the biological lighting effect is supported.