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Exhibition design is a very challenging and exciting area of work. I see very little difference between developing a concept for an exhibition and that of building a beautiful house or creating a unique public space. Exhibition design asks the designer and the client all the big and small questions about the choice of the right material, the method of construction, about proportion and beauty and of course legibility and identity.
Of course one can buy a finished standarised system and fill this with content but the beauty of creating a unique system or spatial concept for a theme is that the architecture itself supports the story telling of the content being presented. Every exhibition creates its own micro world of decision making and information transfer opportunities. The potential of bespoke architecture to act as an interface and vehicle of communication is in this sense a major player in the success of all ambitious exhibitions.
It is always my intention, in the exhibitions I develop with the client, to create an architecture that connects all the instruments of communication, lighting, space, materials, technology, color, text, visuals etc into one holistic concept.
I have worked with my office on several important exhibitions, permanent and mobile,  high tech and low tech, sculptural and szenographic. We have developed interactive exhibitions for all generations.